• The Amstel Bridge

The Amstel Bridge

The new bridge uses a folding platform mechanism, that follows the Amstel movable bridge tradition, in an innovative way. Instead of being just a passage, it is also a place for activities and leisure. To that end, the bridge reaches maximum width alongside the river banks. A large unified space is created at the east side, close to the museum. It hosts a watchtower, spotting Amsterdam attractions and also a stepped platform for small cultural events or just relaxing. A sequence of smaller open air spaces is created at the west side, near the city center. A bicycle store is located at the bridge’s entrance. A river level platform is used for the docking of river boats, but can also be used as a leisure space. The cafe is suspended at a higher level, in order to provide superior views over both the river landscape and the new movable bridge itself. Wood is selected both for the frame and the cladding of the structure. It’s durable, cost effective, sustainable and long linked with the Amsterdam building techniques. In addition, large text figures are incorporated in the northern buildings’ facades, as a reference to contemporary Dutch architecture.

In collaboration with Efthimis Stathopoulos


Amsterdam / NL


11th January 2017