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Bamiyan Cultural Center

The new Bamiyan cultural center is conceived as a part of the landscape, rather than as a conventional building. Its form is rooted to the site, as it is designed to underline the property‚Äôs geometry and to shape and connect all outdoor spaces with a single simple gesture. The building itself operates as an earth formation: the roof acts as a pedestrian path, leading to the top and providing stunning views to the surrounding landmarks. In a conceptual level, it is materialized by the rise of the earth and it stretch to reach the skies. It is a ‘middle’ roof, suspending between the dust and the air, the past and the future, the material and the immaterial. Moreover, it is a pathway of hope and platform for reconciliation.

In collaboration with architect Efthimis Stathopoulos





Bamiyan / AF


11th January 2017