Spetses traditional house

The residence has been built in the early 1900’s as a two-storey volume and has been dynamically extended by its various inhabitants. The restoration was a challenge, both in terms of functionality and building techniques.

While the structure stood the test of time and its outer shell was in a pretty good condition, part of the interior partitions suffered from severe structural problems that needed to be addressed. The techniques and materials used are similar and compatible to the original ones. We spared no effort, in order to deliver, a building true to the island’s building tradition.

We redesigned the house’s layout in order to accommodate the new residents contemporary needs. All bedrooms are hosted in the original two-storey volume and the common spaces are located in the ground-floor adjoined spaces.¬† The kitchen was placed in close proximity to the summer courtyard. The formerly dark living-room, was relocated to a space with optimum access to day light. The inadequate access to the bedrooms was successfully resolved by placing a minimal¬† ‘duck’ staircase in the center of the building. Finally we created a linear library and study area linking the living-room with the backyard.

In terms of aesthetics we opted for a simple and relaxing environment inspired by local traditional interiors. We salvaged and gave new uses to numerous of the original house’s elements. We added a twist by designing tailor made furniture and matching them with unique, hand-picked interior design elements.

structural engineer: Myrto Tsitsinaki

mechanical engineer: Pantelis Vogdanidis


Spetses / GR


5th June 2017


Residential, Restoration