Princeton’s Athens Center for Research and Hellenic Studies

The center is located in the Stanley J. Seeger ’52 House, a 1930’s-era building in downtown Athens, renovated by Athens-based A6Architects . The signage and environmental branding are designed to be in alignment with the building’s aesthetics and qualities as well as the overall visual identity and tone of voice of Princeton University. Both the above influences are balanced to create a hybrid identity that suits the needs of the new Athens facilities. The matching wood-finish elements and white surfaces of the signs are designed in alignment to the materials used in the scope of renovation, making sure that there is no aesthetic conflict. Cut-out lettering and simple forms -combining two basic materials- are shaping a unique, yet subtle signage system.

Construction by Vlachakis workshop


Athens / GR


Princeton University


11th January 2017


Branding, Signage