House in Philothei

The original building was a single-house from the early 60’s. The existing envelope, along with the interior spaces, were outdated. The intervention aimed to renew the fabric and facilities, and adapt the layout to the needs of the new owners, with respect to the characteristics and structure of the original design.

The entrance space is the core of the house. The two storey volume provides access both to the living-room, through a centrally located portal, and to the secondary spaces (kitchen area, guest-room) that are distributed along a linear axis. The upper floor hosts the private spaces of the couple.

The interventions and additions to the original layout were kept to the minimum, in order to enhance the original elements of the structure. The subtle flow and gradation of the spaces of the ground floor was highlighted through the use of the flooring; the original cotto tiles were used to enhance the entrance point, whereas a wooden floor is used for the rest of the spaces of the lower ground floor level.

The custom furniture, that were designed for most of the areas, were integrated to the walls, thus being understood as part of the areas mass.


Athens /GR


11th July 2019