HealthSpot brand identity

HealthSpot is an innovation driven network of diagnostic centers with branches all over Attica region. Simpl. was commissioned by HHG -one of the largest healthcare providers in Greece- to develop the brand identity of this new venture. That included designing all different aspects brand identity, from logotype and signage applications to branch interior spaces. Our approach was to create a coherent concept that shares the same design language across all applications. The key principles for developing the concept was simplicity, translucency and focus on the element of technological innovation.

The proposed logo is descriptive of the brand’s name as the perfect circle illustrates the point while the medical cross has a strong reference to healthcare. Furthermore, the logo describes what HealthSpot is all about as the circle can be perceived either as lends observing the medical cross or even as an enclosure that protects it. The cross is positioned right from the circles center the same way the heart is perceived to be in the human body.

The branches interior follows simple lines and are organized around a central core reception unit. The examination rooms are located around this core and are perceived as floating volumes of light contrasting to the darker backdrop walls. The aim was to design a distinct user experience that resonated the brand’s vision and differentiated the branch look and feel from what the competition is typically offering.


Hellenic Healthcare Group


2nd September 2021


Branding, Commercial interiors