• Hangover landscape pylon
  • Hangover landscape pylon

Hangover landscape pylon

A hanger is used to keep clothes above ground. At a larger scale, this could alsobe a solution for carrying electricity wires. If located in a field, it looks like an upright insect: six arms holding strings. An insect–scarecrow in its natural environment. However, it does not frighten the birds, it carries cables to host them. The contemporary pylon should be aesthetically attractive, ecofriendly, discreet and in harmony with the landscape. Given the above, a combined wood and wire structure is ideal. Glued laminated timber is two thirds the weight of steel and one sixth the weight of concrete. The energy cost to produce gluelam is six times less than steel of equivalent strength. Steel wire rope supports large tensile forces and covers large distances, while being economical in terms of material-in-use, as well as cost. Thanks to the advantages of alternative materials, the new pylon preserves the values of the old one and expands them, delivering power to future generations.

In collaboration with architect Efthimis Stathopoulos


United Kingdom / UK


18th January 2017