Euromedica brand identity

Euromedica Group manages one of the largest Primary and Secondary healthcare networks in Greece. Euromedica provides its services through an extensive network, consisting of diagnostic centers, general and maternity clinics as well as rehabilitation centers in major Greek cities.

While in the progress of a strategic transformation, the group approached simpl. to redesign Euromedica’s brand identity. Apart from the Euromedica logo, which had to remain as originally designed, all brand’s visuals asset were part of the redesign scope. This included print and digital applications as wall as branch interiors and architectural identity elements.

Simpl. worked closely with the group’s Marketing team in order to identify key targets for the transition to the new visual identity. Building on the brand’s established presence as a leading health care provider, we developed a coherent system of design elements that worked seamlessly across all media applications.

Furthermore, simpl. team delivered a detailed design manual for all future applications in order to facilitate communication between various design teams working on Euromedica’s transformation projects.


Euromedica S.A.


25th September 2022


Branding, Commercial interiors