Domini Veneti Amarone wine label

Ulysses, the Latin name of the mythical king Odysseus. A legend, a hero, a timeless symbol of intelligence and versatility. According to Homer, one of many the meanings of his name is “the son of stone”. A name with a strong connection to the earth. The earth, where the wine is born and matured.

The Odyssey. An epic journey of a grand return. An adventure in the Mediterranean Sea that fills Ulysses with knowledge, experience and wisdom. Starting point and final destination: his motherland, Ithaca. A perfect circle. Like the circular life of the wine. Born on the earth and the light and then down, into cellars made of stone, the wine matures through a “silent” journey in the dark. Here it is where thousand years of knowledge, experience and tradition merge with the elements of the ground, the wind and the water, to create a wine with special characteristics. Here in the motherland, the past meets the future. Here it is where a unique taste is born and perfected, ready to return into the light. A legendary wine. One of α kind, Amarone.

Finalist proposal at the  Domini Veneti’s “Wine Mythology Label ”  competition.

In collaboration designer Nota Marra.


30th March 2017


Competitions, Graphic